Why Choose Me?

You can find translators in all sorts of places. Go online, and you have a range of options. You can look for amateur translators registered on crowdsourcing services like Upwork and Freelancer who offer services at a low price. Or you can look on professional databases like ProZ and TranslatorsCafe where you would be able to find full-time freelance translators. You can also find certified translators on the databases of translation organizations like the American Translators Association, Japan Translation Federation (JTF), and Japan Association of Translators (JAT).

But how can you tell the difference between a good translator and a poor one? Here, I will give you three reasons for choosing me, Teddy Okuyama, over other Japanese to English translators.

Native-Level Fluency in Both Japanese and English

When you go on professional translator databases like ProZ or TranslatorsCafe, you will find translators who are native language speakers in either Japanese or English. It’s common sense that you would hire a Japanese native speaker for English to Japanese projects and vice versa for Japanese to English projects. But rarely will you find translators who have native level proficiency in both Japanese and English.

Being born and raised in the U.S., I am a native speaker and writer of English. At the same time, I boast native level proficiency in Japanese being raised by Japanese parents and immersed in Japanese culture since I was little. My having passed the Level 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test attests to my proficiency in Japanese. I am married to a Japanese wife and currently live in Osaka, Japan, allowing me to improve my Japanese language skills every day.

Extensive Track Record and Specialization

As mentioned above, you can go to crowdsourcing platforms to easily hire a translator for cheap. But a translator shouldn’t be judged by his professed skills or rate. She or he should be assessed by how many professional translation projects she or he has completed and whether or not those projects have been completed to satisfaction.

I have successfully completed over 900 projects and translated over 7 million Japanese characters over the course of my career as a full-time freelance translator. The clients I have worked for are all top-notch Japanese companies as you can see here. I am also specialized in business and legal translation. It’s always wiser to hire a specialized translator over a generalist. A specialist has greater knowledge, experience, and expertise. I am especially skilled at the translation of Japanese contracts into English.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can go around looking for translators fulfilling certain requirements, like native speakers in the target language, a certain number of years of experience, specialization in a certain field, offering services in a certain price range, etc. but your search for an ideal translator will ultimately grind down to whether or not the translator can guarantee satisfaction.

I offer Japanese to English translation services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I offer unlimited revisions and response to questions until you are fully satisfied. I uphold honesty and integrity in all of my work and I do not cut corners. Experience, skills, price are all important factors, but the character of the translator is an equally important yet often overlooked factor in the search for a translator. I constantly provide excellent service that places customers first.

Contact Me

Please contact me with any inquiries regarding Japanese to English translations. My services are offered at a flat rate of 8 yen per source character. I am able to translate up to 3000 characters per day. Email me at tyokuyama@gmail.com for a free quotation.