Translation Process

Each translator his his/her own translation process. My translation process consists of 4 steps: research, translation, cross check, and edit. By following these four steps, I ensure consistency of quality.


I first research all of the proper nouns and technical terminologies. If I am unsure of a proper noun or terminology—for example, if I do not know how to spell the name of a person as there are multiple readings to Japanese names—I compile them into a list of questions for the end client. I make an effort to find a corpus of technical terminologies. This ensures that I am translating in accordance with the generally accepted terminology used in that industry.


After I am done researching, I create the first draft of the translation. I emphasize accuracy in this phase making sure that I do not omit any words or phrases. Incidentally, I abide by the principles of “accuracy, readability, and elegance” when translating. I believe the most important element in this first stage is to ensure accuracy of the translation. At the same time, I will strive to produce a readable translation by avoiding literal translations and translations that sound stilted.

Cross Check

In this step, I will read through my own translation one more time and check it against the Japanese source text. The goal here is to make sure that there are no omissions or digressions. If I have any comments or notes to the author, I will insert them in this step. After the cross check, the translation should be accurate and readable.


The final step is to add elegance to the readable translation. This step, in a sense, is similar to copywriting. It gives life to the translation by making the writing logical, concise, and vigorous. This step is especially important in advertising and marketing translation, which requires the translation to be appealing in and of themselves. Even translations that require strict accuracy, such as contract translations, would merit from elegant renditions of stiff wordings.


My job as a translator doesn’t end until I guarantee client satisfaction. I will respond to all questions and feedback after delivery of the translation. In fact, I benefit more from inquisitive clients and clients eager to provide feedback as they are the ones who help me improve my ability.

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