How many characters can you translate in a day?

I can translate up to 3000 characters per day at my standard rate. However, I accept orders for up to 5000 character per day at a rush rate of 12 yen per character.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, the minimum charge is 5000 yen for any kind of document, even if it is just a single sentence.

Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, I will sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep all files and correspondences confidential. I will also delete files upon completion of the project.

Who orders Japanese to English translations of contracts?

The end clients are usually professionals in the legal industry in Japan, including attorneys, solicitors, labor and social security attorneys, and tax accountants. The legal departments of companies also order translations of their contracts. The end clients usually order their translations to translation agencies that outsource the work to freelancers. However, ordering directly to Teddy Okuyama would cut out the middle person and allow end clients to receive the same service at a much lower price.

Should translations of contracts be translated literally or creatively?

Translations of contracts are usually for reference and only the source text holds legal weight. Thus, it is important for the translation to be easy to compare with the Japanese source text. The style and format should be the same or fairly similar to the Japanese source text. At the same time, the English should be easy to read and use the appropriate legal terminology. Therefore, Japanese to English translations of contracts require a native English translator who is knowledgeable of legal terminology. Contracts that are intended to be effective in the country of the target language should be consulted with a lawyer in that country.

Can you certify your translation?

Yes, I will add the following to your translated document upon your request: I hereby certify that I am competent in translating from Japanese to English and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Do you offer summarization services?

Yes, I offer summarization service at a rate of 4 yen per source character. I will provide a gist of each clause and highlight any information that you particularly want to know.

What kind of security procedures do you follow?

If necessary, I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before starting on your project. I will use a secure file transfer service to send or receive your files. My computer is password-protected and has an anti-virus software installed. I will delete all files upon completion of the project. I will follow any other security requests or instructions that you provide.

Do you have an express rate for quick turnaround?

Yes, my express rate is 12 yen per source character. The express rate shall apply for any orders exceeding 2,000 characters per day, or any orders requiring me to work on Saturdays, Sundays, or any other holidays.

Why do you specialize in translating contracts?

I have handled an extensive range of Japanese to English translation over the course of my career and have come to notice that I am most competent in legal translation. I have received positive feedback from legal reviewers for my translation work, which has given me confidence in specializing in this field. I feel most comfortable writing in legal style. Furthermore, there are abundant translation resources for legal translation from Japanese to English, such as the Ministry of Justice’s website, japaneselawtranslation.go.jp, as well as the Standard Legal Terms Dictionary published by the Japanese Law Translation Council. These resources help me ensure that I use the correct terminologies in my translations.

How should I contact you?

You can email me at tyokuyama@gmail.com or use the inquiry form to contact me. If possible, please give me a general idea of the project at the time of your initial inquiry so that I can respond with the necessary information. You can also reach me on Skype at username “tyokuyama”.