Logic of Translation

I have been translating as freelance J>E for more than 6 years now. I've always come across one problem that continues to haunt me: staying faithful to the Japanese original vs. sounding natural in English. Here I want to discuss 3 points I've realized regarding this dilemma. Be Conservative I believe, based on experience, that [...]


In-house vs. Freelance

The question we all face at least once over our career as translators is whether to work in-house or as freelance. Below, I jotted down some of the pros and cons of each. In-house Pros: Stable income. You may get benefits including paid holidays. You have regular working hours. You may have colleagues who will [...]

The Good Translator

Hello World, Today I want to contemplate on what makes for a good translator. Is a test translation sufficient to identify a translator that is good? I believe test translations are effective in finding capable translators, but insufficient in finding good translators. Test translations sift out the poor translators. The poor translator lacks translation ability [...]