Teddy Okuyama has been translating professionally from Japanese to English since 2009 and has been offering translation services as a full-time freelance translator since 2011, specializing in business, finance, and law.

All translations are undertaken by Teddy, a native speaker of English who was born and raised in the United States.¬†Teddy has completed over 1000 translation projects in his career totaling more than 7 million characters. He offers¬†translations that sound natural in English while sticking closely to the Japanese original. His translation motto is “Accuracy, Readability, and Grace.”


Teddy has completed a full spectrum of Japanese to English projects in the fields of business, finance, and law. Below is a list of translation subjects he has undertaken, but it is by no means exhaustive.

-Internal communication
-Meeting minutes
-Company websites
-Press releases
-Pamphlets and brochures

-Flash updates
-Quarterly results
-Annual reports
-Educational materials

-Contracts and agreements
-Rules and regulations
-Official application documents
-Articles of Incorporation
-Patents and office actions


Teddy’s standard rate is 8 yen per source character. Separate charges may apply depending on subject, file format, and layout.