About Me

Teddy Okuyama has been translating professionally from Japanese to English since 2009 and has been offering translation services as a full-time freelance translator since 2011, specializing in Japanese to English translations of contracts.

All translations are undertaken by Teddy, a native speaker of English who was born and raised in the United States. Teddy has completed over 900 translation projects in his career totaling more than 7 million characters. He offers translations that sound natural in English while sticking closely to the Japanese original.
Please see here for a list of clients that Teddy has worked for in the past.
Please contact me from the request form below for my CV, samples, or for quotations.


The types of contracts I translate include, but are not limited to, the following:

Purchase and Sale Agreements
-Basic Trade Agreement
-Product Sales Consignment Agreement
-Franchise Agreement
-Land Sale Agreement
-Land and Building Purchase and Sale Agreement
-Machine Purchase and Sale Agreement
Lease Agreements
-Fixed-Term Land Leasehold Agreement
-Fixed-Term Building Leasehold Agreement
-Building Use Lease Agreement
-Property Lease Agreement
Loan and Collateral Agreements
-Loan Agreement
-Guarantee Consignment Agreement
-Commitment-Line Agreement
-Revolving Mortgage Agreement
-Group Credit Transfer Agreement
-Aggregated Movable Property Mortgage Agreement
Contracting and Consignment Agreements
-Construction Contract Agreement
-Manufacturing Consignment Agreement
-Software Development Consignment Agreement
-Business Consignment Agreement
-OEM Basic Agreement
-Consulting Agreement
-Deposit Agreement
-Transportation Agreement
HR and Labor Agreements
-Labor Contract
-Work Regulations
-Wage Regulations
M&A Agreements
-Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Letter of Intent
-Share Transfer Agreement
-Business Transfer Agreement
-Merger Agreement
-Absorption-Type Company Split Agreement
-Shareholders Agreement
-Articles of Incorporation
IP Rights and Protection of Personal Information Agreements
-Non-Disclosure Agreement
-Information Management Regulations
-Patent Right Licensing Agreement
-Trademark Licensing Agreement
-Patent Assignment Agreement
-Joint Development Agreement
-Software Licensing Agreement
-Letter of Intent Concerning the Use of Personal Information


My Japanese to English translation service is offered at a flat rate of 8 yen per source character. Separate charges may apply depending on file formatting, layout, etc.

  • Canceled orders after translation has started shall be charged for the work already completed.
  • Payments shall be made by bank transfer or via PayPal. All bank transfer fees shall be borne by the payer.
  • Please contact me if you prefer to pay by target word count instead.

Ordering Process

The ordering process will generally follow the steps below:

  1. Questions: I will ask questions such as “Who is target audience?” “Are there any reference materials or glossaries?” “Do you have any particular requests?”
  2. Provision of Quotation: I will provide a quotation based on the text, file format, additional charges for formatting, etc.
  3. Provision of Sample: If you would like to receive a sample, I will provide a free sample of up to 150 characters.
  4. Placement of Order: Please place an official order using an order form, including your company name, address, and phone number.
  5. Submission of Translation: I will submit the translation by your requested deadlines, in your requested file format, and according to your requested method (secure file transfer, etc.).
  6. Response to Feedback/Questions: I will respond to any questions or feedback promptly and carefully until you are fully satisfied with the translation.
  7. Payment: I expect to receive payments within 30 days, by bank transfer or via PayPal, from the date of submitting the final draft of the translation.